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Dan Jasone | composer, songwriter, vocalist

Dan Jasone | composer, songwriter, vocalist

I'm leader, music and lyrics author, designer and vocalist of the alternative metal band SELFiNSiDE. Also I have some side-projects and solo project Dan Jasone. This is my official website, here you can find my songs and other works of mine (for example videos and designs). If you need a composer or lyrics writer, don't hesitate to contact me through the e-mail: danjasone@gmail.com or danjasone@danjasone.com. Also you can type your message into the contact form in section CONTACTS. Concerning any collaboration there's only my website or email, so don't write me through social networks or other internet resourses on this subject.

In section CONTACTS you can also find all links to my official pages in the internet.

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My inner self | alt metal band

This alternative metal band is one of my projects. I've started it in 2011 and based it on my songs and conception. It's like my other side, another personality of mine... it is a part of me, so it will exist until I exist, no matter what. You won't hear news about SELFiNSiDE very often, for now it's only my hobby and I'm not planning something serious about it. But I'll never stop running SELFiNSiDE, so be sure, you're gonna hear us again and again… time after time)